Complaint Against Inspector Noah Thompson

UPDATE 1 8/11/2017

I did receive some BUT NOT ALL of my property from Thompson and the Postal Inspection Service. In response I filed an additional complaint against Postal Inspector Noah M. Thompson and the company I used to retrieve the property on my behalf as I suspected a possible collaboration between the two parties. This second complaint asking for the investigation of possible further mail fraud by one or both listed parties is here:

From the response I got per my Freedom Of Information Act inquiry with the USPIS, I deduced that either a new case has been opened against me or the old one reopened. (They told me they could not give me information about an open case). Even if the case seems to have been opened or reopened against me for legitimate reasons, the reasons that the case was really opened/reopened, I’m quite sure, was an illegal FELONY conspiracy. You see, I did not like Postal Inspector Thompson in collaboration with the Assistant US Attorney Brown violating the US Constitutional stipulation “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” by trying to add criminal terms of probation to my probation agreement when I’m only supposed to be on probation for psychiatric reasons as I was not convicted and the case was closed. Thus I put up subversive and/or dissident websites where I made racial statement against white males and solicited donations to sue Thompson, The Assistant US Attorney and/or the offices of government they work for. THE FELONY: IT IS A FELONY CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION TO ABUSE LAW ENFORCEMENT POWERS TO SHUT UP A DISSIDENT OR SUBVERSIVE FOR EXERCISING FREE SPEECH. I’M SURE THIS IS THEIR TRUE MOTIVATION AND/OR TO SAVE THEIR JOBS.

More evidence that they had no business conspiring to upgrade my probation from psychiatric to criminal is that after learning of this website, my probation officer inquired as to if I would take the website down after he learned that my property was on its way to me. He tried to seem calm but I smelled fear. After this meeting, he started being nicer to me and treating me with more respect. And they finally granted my request for a non-white probation officer when previously they thought the request was funny. 

Yes, I am African American and I think the primary motivation behind the problems I have listed on my various websites (including this one) are based on racial hostility from Thompson, The AUSA Andrew Brown and/or other government employees and possibly, in some cases, constituent hate crimes. My subversive websites were registered 2/22/2017. If the case against me was opened after this time I’m quite sure their motivation is a felony attempt to use the “Color of Law” to illegally censor free speech and/or save their hides. (If I get locked up due to them watching me like hawks and going over everything I do with a fine toothed comb, I cannot keep raising money to expose and prosecute them). I have records of a USPIS branch in California, probably Noah M. Thompson, visiting one or more of my dissident websites long after he initially learned of them, if he should deny these websites played any part in his motivations. I am willing to provide these IP records on request:

Update 2 10/25/2017

I learned today that the host that originally hosted this website suspended it. I feel he may have been put under pressure. If so, he can be questioned under oath and phone records can be subpoenaed. Why would someone want to get this website removed if it is a only speaks of misunderstandings??? Not many people visit this site and probably most of them are law enforcement. More and more evidence for my upcoming legal prosecution of subhuman cockroaches