Complaint Against Postal Inspector Noah M. Thompson

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Note: This complaint against the postal inspector has not been taken down as it is part of a complaint I submitted online in the month of May (I believe), 2017. There was not enough room for the full complaint so I had to put up this web page and link it in the original complaint submitted online. Plus there have been several interesting development, See Update for details. 


I got arrested and charged with fraud back in 2012 in California. I was released to Oregon in 2016 without being tried and my case is closed. Postal inspector Noah M. Thompson does not seem to understand this. Neither does he understand the constitutional clause "Innocent until proven guilty." I am on probation because I was committed to the institution that evaluated me for trail competency. They "said" (falsely in my opinion) that I was dangerous and committed me to the institution. About a year later I was released on conditional release which is probation. On February 11, 2017 I sent Noah Thompson an email asking him that since I had money now, could I hire an attorney or errand running company to pick up my property currently being held by the USPIS in California and mail it to me in Oregon. After many emails he seemed to agree. I received about 6 property reclamation forms total to my mailing address, expired mailing address that was forwarded to my current mailing address and to my residential address. I have some of them unopened. They list, as far as I know, all the property that was confiscated from my person or residence after my arrest in 2012. All except for one flash drive.  

I sent Thompson an email asking him why he had not listed one of the flash drives in the property I could reclaim. On 5/3/2017 he replied that I was not getting my password protected property back. So I wrote back and asked him was he planning to give me any of the electronics listed on the property reclamation forms he sent me or not (as some of the other listed items were also digital). He did not reply to that email as of 5/10/2017 which I construe as possible evidence he feels what he has to say could be used against him. I emailed him again asking him if he picked up the certified second day air letter I sent him containing my property reclamation form as the tracking number showed it was delivered on 5/4/2017 but it did not show that anyone ever picked it up. He did not reply to this letter either.  

The above is why I am accusing him of MAIL FRAUD. Details: When I wrote Thompson on 2/11/2017 I was using the email address at When he replied to my email he asked me why I was using an email account out of Latvia and inquired into my finances. I suspected he was conducting an unauthorized police investigation after case closure and I wanted to rebuke him. But I hoped that if I was nice, he might be nice in return and allow me to use my possibly unconventional proposed means to reclaim my property. So I told him because of “Edward Snowden” as to the reason for my using foreign email. Here is how my kindness was repaid: In my next meeting with my probation officer, he told me that Noah Thompson was having court papers drawn up to submit to a judge for approval to have all my Internet and/or computer traffic/activities monitored just because I wanted to use an email account in a foreign country that is much less likely to illegally give copies of all my emails to any government agency without due process. Also, he looked up the IP address I sent the email from and found out it was also out of a foreign country. Why did he want to know my IP address when my case is closed and I am innocent until proven guilty? I call that “Cyberstalking.”  

Before that, shortly after my release date of 7/11/2016, my probation officer told me that Thompson was trying to have a court order drawn up mandating I would need to submit all my business plans to him [probation officer] for approval. All this establishes that Noah Thompson has a pattern of unauthorized intrusion into my affairs. So it seem highly likely that Thompson agreement to return my property was a scam to get me to communicate with him, which he hopped would in some way further his unauthorized/unconstitutional and possibly illegal investigation in to my private affairs. He used US Mail to lie to me (in my opinion) in promising me goods that he had no intention of delivering. This constitutes MAIL FRAUD. Also, he was asking me to call him via email for a long time and he seemed very desperate to have me talk to him by phone. My intuition told me not to call him so I insisted when discuss the return of my property only by email (so I’d have a record of everything he said). Once I sent him an email after normal federal employee hours when he should have been home and he replied almost immediately when normally it would take him a couple of days to weeks to reply (I think). That was highly suspicious and confirmed my intuition that he was plotting against me and my talking to him on the phone was somehow an important part of his plot. He refused to discuss matters by email and kept harassing me to call him so I temporarily blocked his email. Perhaps he wanted to get my cell carrier info so he could do an unauthorized investigation into the geographical location history of my cell phone and correlate data (unofficially collected by government) of other cell phones my cell phone has come in close proximity with. He could say there is now such secret data collection program by claiming the correlations came from noting other cell phones legally recorded to be in proximity to mine in conventional records. So weather such a secret government data collection program exists (as some conspiracy theorists are claiming - and perhaps Snowden confirmed - I don't recall right now) is real or not, he is also guilty of cyberstalking.  

I also feel he is guilty of Spam AKA: Unsolicited Commercial Email (potential $16,000 penalty per email) for sending me emails with deceptive info about his willingness to allow reclamation of property when perhaps he only wanted me to say something else he could deliberately and maliciously misconstrue as an excuse to write up more court orders and/or further invade my privacy. Commercial? Yes! A lot of prisons are run by private corporations and it is obvious to me that there is (possibly) a secret agreement between law enforcement and corporate prison owners. This is why so many stupid and oppressive laws are being passed. For example, I learned that in some states, if you are caught urinating in public, you will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. I'm sure even police have to use the bushes occasionally due to a scarcity of public restrooms. There are many many stupid laws like this that have been passed since privatized prisons were re-allowed in the ‘80’s (I think). Since then, incarceration has gone up approximately 1,000%. And I believe they are aiming for another 1,000% increase. By law a corporation must make a profit annually. How can they profit without scheming to lock up people who don't deserve it when the crime rate does not really go up fast enough for them?  

I am gathering more evidence of Thompson surveillance and other activities against me by filling a Freedom of Information Request with the USPIS. I should be able to submit any information I obtain from that request in the near future. In the meantime, I can submit all email correspondence and copies of the claim forms he sent me by mail and the envelopes (approximately 6), some of which have not been opened. Also I had to pay $23.75 to send the letter by second day air. (Because his actions seemed hostile and criminal to me and he made me feel I could at least not trust him to acknowledge receipt of the document). Since he is affiliated with the post office, this enhances my mail fraud accusations. I also sent him a duplicate signed form by regular postal mail for backup. Additional cost: $0.49.  

Additionally, I did not ever give Thompson my expired personal mailing address at the USP Store or my home address. I only gave him my new business mailing address at the USP Store. His sending more than one letter to the other two addresses is evidence of an unauthorized and/or unconstitutional and possibly illegal investigation/invasion of privacy during case closure and/or stalking. It is indeed very evident as his making absolutely sure I got his forms by sending about 6 of them (total) to all know addresses so I would respond and then not honoring the reclamation form when I sent it in is evidence of unauthorized conduct, a plot or at least being of him being dishonest with me.   

Some of my accusations may possibly seem irrelevant to mention in this report. Here is how I see it: He used US Mail and Spam to conduct, further and/or supplement all the actions I am accusing him of.  

I feel it is highly likely that Noah M. Thompson is guilty of one, more or all of the following:

  • Mail Fraud
  • Multiple counts of Spam
  • Cyberstalking
  • Stalking
  • Not to mention further civil and criminal litigation possibilities

Evidence I can supply:

  • Many email correspondence records
  • Unused copies of the property claim forms he sent me which state he sent checking copies to my probation officer and another party as well
  • Opened and unopened envelopes containing or which once contained more of these forms
  • The package tracking number for the second day express mail service I used to send a property claim form to Thompson
  • Whatever information I may receive per my Freedom Of Information inquiry with the USPIS in the (hopefully) near future

Update 5/22/2017: Authorized parties may download US Mail correspondence here: The Mail Fraud

You may contact me for Spam records at:

Thank you,


Legal Disclaimer

The claims of my probation officer about Noah M. Thompson's actions (of drawing up court orders) I cannot verify or debunk with Thompson as he has been refusing to answer my emails lately, thus I have not asked him to make a statement. Also, some of the conclusions I draw about Thompson's motivations for and illegality of some of the above actions/non-actions may be speculative on my part and/or are based on common (or above) sense without a law degree. Thompson is innocent until proven guilty or found guilty by internal or external investigators. However, according to experience, I think my speculation accuracy rate is approximately 95%.